Review: Easton Haven Wheelset


The Haven wheel set weighs in at 1650 grams.

Overview: Purpose built for the diverse demands of true all-mountain riding. Available in 9mm/15mm/20mm front and 10mm/12mm rear as well as a 29’er option. At a scant 1650 grams and a 21 mm rim width, these wheels spin fast and hold strong, letting you focus on the trail ahead and leaving your buddies behind.

Price: $379.99 front, $424.99 rear

First Impressions: The attention to detail is remarkable and the Cnc’d hub body makes you feel instantly at ease with their $800.00 price tag. A less flashy detail comes in the form of Easton’s spoke selection. By opting to use a standard straight pull spoke, Easton ensures that in a pinch you could find parts at virtually any bike shop.

It wasn’t until I mounted them to the bike that I could offer my first criticism…. Easton surely doesn’t want you or your riding buddies to forget what wheels you are riding. The hub body may be the only piece of real estate that isn’t sporting either the Easton or Haven logo in large block letters. Obviously no draw on functionality, but expect a little flak from your riding buddies.

Easton Haven 29

The Havens are available in black or this magnesium color.

On The Trail: My inaugural ride on the Havens was a solo night ride, needless to say I got a little spooked. Feeling like I was being stalked by a Bandersnatch, my pace was a little faster then normal, which is where I really noticed the strength. These wheels spin fast! Seeing as I dropped about a pound from my prior wheel set this was a very noticeable change, and I found myself staying in gears lower on the cassette than usual. Night ride, high heart rate, and the relentless pursuit of my imaginary Bandersnatch forced an error. I missed my line on the climb and had to try a restart on a rocky, steep, and loose hill.. This is where I noticed how quick the hub engagement was. Pedal response was snappy and precise which got me rolling again on the first attempt.

The descent was no less inspiring. The 21mm rim profile coupled with the acoustically tensioned spokes leaves you with a strong wheel set that can take hit after hit without folding or denting. The balance of weight, tension, and a wide rim profile amplified control input and gave me a sense of authority that was much appreciated through the rock gardens. I’ve noticed that I’m able to hold a line and corner better than ever, which I’m going to attribute 50% to rim width and 50% to the placebo effect that always accompanies shiny new parts. They climb fast, make your bike feel like it is on rails, and have no problems coping with the vast array of situations that all mountain riders incur. After a dozen rides in rocky, muddy, unforgiving terrain the Havens spin as true as the day purchased.

Bottom Line: If you ride a mountain bike with 4-6” of travel, you will love these wheels.