e*thirteen TRS+ Hubset Review

My first exposure to e*thirteen hubs was in 2008 at the North American Handmade Bike Show, held that year in Portland, Oregon. The hubs at that time were marketed under the Chub name and were only available for singlespeeds. Nevertheless, the radically designed hubs definitely caught my attention and set my mind to wondering whether the stiffness benefits of a massive hub flange would be noticeable out on the trail. After four years of patiently waiting to try them myself, I can report they are far stiffer than conventional hubs and are a personal favorite in the hub category. With the TRS+ hubs laced 3x to WTB Frequency i23 29er hoops just like in our Art’s Pro Build AM Wheels, the stiffness of the wheel is surprisingly similar to wheelsets I have ridden that consisted of carbon hoops laced to conventional hubs. The positive attributes of these hubs go far beyond an increase in stiffness with fast engagement, adjustability and serviceability.

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