Review: Giro Aspect Helmet

Giro’s Aspect occupies an interesting niche in the helmet hierarchy. Offering the performance features found on a top-level lid serving the pros at the Tour, the Aspect fits them into a surprisingly understated form.

While markedly simple, it’s nonetheless striking as its clean lines represent a stark departure from the overtly styled helmets residing at the top of most manufacturers’ lines today.

Drawing inspiration from the forms of vintage race cars, Giro designer Scott Allen went to the drawing board, and “essentially took every piece out of the Aeon that I didn’t think need to be there to make the helmet function.”

The resulting design, paired with smart materials selection, makes for quite the unique style, certainly one that aligns with Giro’s goal to “challenge the status quo.”

With this combination of style and performance, the Aspect has the unique pleasure of residing in a class all its own, which serves to beg the question, who is the Aspect intended for?

Giro posits that the Aspect is for the rider seeking a helmet that doesn’t peg them with the identity of a ‘Racer’ while at the same time doesn’t want to strap on a helmet that screams ‘Beginner.’

In any case, it’s a helmet that certainly deserves a closer look. Continue reading…