Review: Rock Shox Reverb Adjustable Seat Post


Overview: This infinitely adjustable hydraulic seat post will have a profound impact on your ride experience, making it well worth the cost.

Price: $274.99.

Rock Shox Reverb Adjustable Seatpost 30.9

The Rock Shox Reverb seatpost is a must-have for all-mountain riding.

The combination of lung-busting technical climbs paired with punishing descents makes mountain biking so great. Here in beautiful San Luis Obispo, most of the trails we ride start off with long ascents, followed immediately by well-deserved descents. My seat post clamp had been hinting of overuse after a year of opening and closing it every time I pointed my wheels up or down.

Fortunately, RockShox came to the rescue with a rather clever invention; a remote actuated seat post that moves upward and downward on the fly! Ok, so maybe this isn’t big news in the industry. Dropper seat posts such as the Hite Rite have been around since the 80’s. Since then, there has been much advancement including Maverick’s Speedball (a.k.a CrankBrothers Joplin) and the legendary Specialized Command Post. Emerging from RockShox’s state-of-the-art suspension design facility in Colorado Springs comes the Reverb seat post.


The trigger mounts conveniently to your bars.

What sets this product apart from everything else is its infinite amount of adjustment coupled with hydraulic construction. For me, climbing is equally as fun as descending. Being able to set the right amount of leg extension on the fly for each grade makes quite a difference compared to a cumbersome quick-release paired with a rigid post.

Primarily tested here in San Luis Obispo, the Reverb was great for the occasional rolling trail allowing me to save time keep the ride flowing. But, where the Reverb really shined was on a ride through the Demo Forest in Santa Cruz. Blasting through single track, sticking log drops, navigating rock gardens and climbing back up for more, the Reverb was just what the doctor ordered.

There are many benefits to the hydraulic design instead of the standard cable actuated system found on most dropper seat posts. The Reverb combines air and oil to produce 125mm (5in.) of travel. This design is similar to any rear shock, providing a high quality internal system. Coming from a trusted suspension company, the seat post’s seals are sure to keep trail debris out. With the ability to pair the remote lever, deemed the Xloc, to your Avid brakes and Sram shifters, your shred-machine’s cockpit will be clutter free. You can also slow or speed up the return simply by turning the barrel-adjuster to achieve anywhere along the return speed spectrum, the extremes of which RockShox product engineer Jeremiah Boobar likes to refers to as, “Slap or Tickle.” The Reverb is well worth the weight of 592 grams, and is sure to add more fun to your riding and change the way you tackle rough terrain.


Click this picture to see RockShox product manager Jeremiah Boobar discuss the Reverb.

Bottom Line: The Reverb will add flow to your ride, enabling you to rip a descent without your saddle getting in the way along with the ability to throw it up in a pinch for those sudden climbs. It is available in two lengths: 380mm and 420mm, two diameters: 31.6 and 30.9, and two drops: 125mm and 100mm.