Troy Lee Ace Glove Review

TLD Ace Glove ReviewWithout a doubt the Troy Lee Ace gloves are the thinnest, lightest gloves I have ever seen. The lightweight materials, high breathability, and mesh backing make them a perfect choice for warm to hot riding conditions. The palm is thin and tactile, with two panels made of a perforated material for incredible ventilation.

Troy Lee smartly realized that the tip of the glove’s thumb sees excessive use and included tough, rip-stop nylon in this area to improve longevity. This added protection worked for me, as I never experienced any problems with grip or feel while shifting. The fingertips are also touch screen compatible so there is no need to remove the Ace gloves to text your buddy who is 15 minutes late to your ride. On the back of the thumb, a soft microfiber material nicely mopped up sweat when necessary, and with no rough seams in the vicinity, my skin was never irritated when I dragged the microfiber across my brow.

TLD Ace Glove ReviewFit is snug and runs slightly small, which has been the case for all Troy Lee gloves I’ve tried in the past. Sizing seems optimized for hands with thin fingers and palms, which makes the XL size fit me like they were custom made. The cuff-less design made taking them on and off a bit of a struggle. However, this same feature was luxuriously comfortable while wearing the gloves, so you take the good with the bad.

Out on the trail the gloves feel great and kept my palms blister free, and are so comfortable I forget that I am even wearing them. Unfortunately, that same gloveless feeling exists when my knuckles make contact with foliage on the side of the trail while wearing the Ace gloves. Although the mesh material on the back of the gloves breathes like a Sherpa at sea level, it offers very little in the way of protection.

Bottom line, if you are a glove minimalist or live in a brutally hot climate, this pair of gloves should be the ace at the end of your sleeve.