Wheels Manufacturing Angular Contact PF30 Bottom Bracket Review

Wheels Manufacturing AC PF30 reviewBottom brackets are pretty simple components, but a well-designed, quality piece can make a big difference to your ride. Ever since the BB30 and PF30 standards were introduced many riders have complained of short-lived bearings and issues with creaking. Most of these issues can be chalked up to poor frame tolerances and component manufacturers specing the wrong type of bearing. SRAM’s stock PF30 bottom brackets utilize radial cartridge bearings that tend to wear out after the pedaling motion side-loads the bearing (axial loading to all you engineers) thereby damaging the bearings and bearing races.

To combat the part of the problem that they can control, Wheels Manufacturing offers their precision machined angular contact bearing bottom bracket. Featuring aluminum cups that are machined in the USA and world-renowned Enduro ABEC 5 15-degree steel angular contact bearings, this bottom bracket is made to go the distance.

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