Race Report: Kali/VP Enduro at the Dirt Club

Los Olivos, CA — Saturday, April 27th, went down in the books as a beautiful day, with sunny skies, light winds, warm temperatures, and plenty of good times for the racers competing in the Kali/VP Enduro. Art’s Cyclery had a great showing, with two top-five Pro finishes, along with two more solid showings in the same category.

Enduro competition, while maybe not the purest form of mountain bike racing, is without a doubt the fastest growing. Enduro races consist of multiple timed descents, while climbs are not timed but must be pedaled. This format creates an atmosphere that is both relaxed—as racers chat while pedaling between timed sections—and intense, as each timed section is like a downhill race run; all out and frequently anaerobic. Notes are compared on each climb, and tips—or red herrings—are dropped between riders. Two eight-mile loops with two timed sections each made up the tracks, and each loop was run twice for sixteen miles of riding and eight run times. Total race times ranged from sixteen to seventeen minutes for the fastest pro men.

No stranger to mountain bike competition, the Dirt Club in the Santa Ynez Valley features a network of super-fun, cycling-only trails. High-speed turns, a few drops, and beautiful scenery make up for the lack of steeps and rocks. Creative use of the terrain is a hallmark of the Dirt Club’s trail builders and was a requirement for shaving critical seconds off each run’s time. If it wasn’t taped off, it was fair game, and some made better use of the berms and creek beds than others. At the end of the day, racers were treated to a fantastic taco-and-beer dinner and an incredible product give-away, with something for everyone who stayed for the podium ceremonies.

When the dust cleared, Art’s customer service star Jackie Swider held fifth place in Pro Women, and Art’s sponsored pro Tom Doran stood on the Pro Men podium’s third spot. Further asserting the dominance of Art’s Cyclery, warehouse wizard Dan Brisbon finished thirteenth and elite mechanic Max Ramos took fifteenth in the Pro Category.

The next VP/Kali Enduro at the dirt club is scheduled for November 2013.  Art’s will be racing, and we highly recommend you do too!

Check out the video above for a recap of the days action, and keep an eye peeled for the Art’s jerseys! Max Ramos can be seen at 2:15 railing his Intense Carbine 275 and Luke Gamache can be found at 3:31.