Sea Otter 2013 Art’s Cyclery Team Race Report

Art's Cyclery Sea Otter Scott Smith

Scott Smith on the final corner of the Cat 2 XC.

Art’s Cyclery raced hard at the Sea Otter classic that finished up on Sunday. Race highlights for Art’s employees include customer service rep Trevor Roland’s 1st place finish in the Cat 2 age 22-24 DH and 2nd place in the Open Bunny Hop Contest, warehouse inventory specialist Jordan Smith’s 12th place finish in the Cat 1 19-21 DH, web content manager Daniel Slusser’s 6th place finish in the Master’s 35+ Cyclocross, customer service rep Jackie Swider‘s 22nd place finish in the Pro Women’s DH, warehouse inventory specialist Daniel Brisbon’s 114th in Pro DH (with a damaged ankle), apparel buyer Evan Rudd’s 54th GC ranking in the 4-day long Sram Pro Road Stage Race, and Art’s owner Scott Smith scored a 2nd place finish in the Cat 2 43-44 XC, that worked out to a 16th place finish regardless of age in Cat 2! A special shout out goes to warehouse fulfillment specialist Alex Kachiakev who finished a half second short of qualifying for the Pro Speed and Style but scored high style points.

Art's Cyclery Sea Otter Alex 360

Alex throws a huge 360.

Here’s a GoPro video of Jordan chasing Vance during DH practice.

Sponsored Art’s Cyclery racing team members produced outstanding finishes as well. Craig Nunes finished 3rd in the Master’s 45+ Road Circuit Race. Matthew Carinio rode to a 5th place finish in the Master’s 35+ Circuit Race and 4th in the Road Race. DH pro category racer Vance Bennet crashed out but still scored a sweet photo on Pink Bike here.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of Art’s Cyclery racing at the Sea Otter Classic!