2013 Louis Garneau Sneak Peek

Here’s a look at a few products from Louis Garneau’s spring 2013 collection that caught our eye. The most impressive pieces came from the new Course group, which represent the pinnacle of Louis Garneau’s collection. The Course Race Jersey is a tight-fitting, aerodynamic jersey designed for riding fast while looking good. It has some high-tech features built in like textured material on the sleeves for an aero edge and Coldblack fabric, which dramatically reduces the surface temperature of the jersey.

The Course Race Jersey fits snug. Scott is wearing a medium in this shot.

The Course Speedzone Vest is another innovative piece. Made of a stretchy, windproof material, the Speedzone Vest will block the elements and also has a tight, aero fit like the Course Race Jersey. But what makes the vest unique is the cutout in the back so you can easily access your jersey pockets. This design feature can only be found on the Speedzone Vest and is patent pending.

The unique back opening of the Speezone Vest allows you to reach in your jersey's pockets.

The Course Race Bib is perhaps the best piece from the Course collection and is highly reminiscent of Castelli’s Body Paint 2.0 Bibs. Made with minimal seams and panels, the Course Bib offers excellent compression and an ergonomic fit. The lazer finished hem creates a seamless transition to your thigh for improved aerodynamics. This bib also features Louis Garneau’s new 5-motion chamois, which uses beveled edge molding technology to eliminate drastic drops of height in the padding, resulting in a smooth transition between the varying densities of foam. A deep split at the back is bridged by vented mesh for amazing flexibility and breathability.

The nearly seamless Course Race Bib Short.

The luxuriously soft and plush 5 Motion chamois.

Louis Garneau will be introducing some new shoes that feature Boa closure systems. In our opinion, the Boa equipped models are a huge improvement in LG’s shoe design and they feature a refined fit in addition to the improved closure system.

The Course 2LS shoe features two Boa dials, a vented carbon sole and two insoles for hot or cold weather.

We were also impressed with the new Course Helmet, which takes a few design cues from Giro’s Air Attack with its shape, but the Course has far more vents while maintaining an aero profile. It even has a small Velcro patch on the back of the retention system to secure a light, which is included with the helmet.

The Course Helmet is the most aero road helmet ever made by LG.

The Spiderlock Vision light is quite bright and conveniently attaches to the back of the retention system.

We’ll have some more in-depth reviews in the near future on the Course kit so stay tuned.