The Helmet That is Too Cool to Cover Your Head

Sweden has been Hövding out on us. I present to you the invisible bike helmet.

Photo Credit: Hövding

Photo Credit: Hövding

Nope, that’s not a vintage scarf rescued from the depths of a thrift shop bin, that is a helmet. The young gentlemen above knows that helmets worn on your head are so mainstream right now and has explored other options to preserve his perfect doo. He is demonstrating how to properly wear a Hövding bicycle helmet. An innovation that might just revolutionize bicycle safety and bicycle fashion as we know it.

Imagine taking the airbag in your car and wrapping it around your head during a bike accident. That is basically what two helmet hating Swedish industrial designers, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, did to create the invisible bike helmet. The Hövding wraps around the users neck and then, upon sensing an accident, uses cold helium gas to instantly inflate a soft durable hood-shaped airbag to protect them from harm.

As unusual as a helmet worn around your neck may be, the Hövding, when deployed, protects a larger area and has improved shock absorption over a traditional bicycle helmet. Both great things. But, with a current retail price of 400 Euros, we need to ask ourselves as a society, “How important is it to protect our hair?” In all seriousness, if it gets people to wear a helmet (even around their neck) then I can’t wait to see it in the US. After all, I firmly believe that a helmet is the most important accessory that a cyclist can own. After yellow suspenders of course.

Check out the video for a little history on the invisible helmet and some sweet vehicular crash dummy violence.