Do You Want to Ride Like a Pro? – Part III: Hand Signals

Okay… after watching that video, you may not want to ride like the pros all the time.

Professional cyclists are usually hyper aware of their surroundings and incredible at avoiding obstacles, even at high speeds. It seems like Yoann Offredo was just having a bad day… and if he wasn’t before this crash, he sure was after. If nothing else, this video proves that professional cyclists are human, that they have bad days and that they need to be just as careful as we do out on the road. That’s why we created the Rules of the Road video series to help you become a safer, more confident and, most importantly, stronger cyclist.

In the third installment, Rules of the Road: Hand Signals, we show you how to use some of the very simple motions that allow both professional cyclists and your average recreational cyclists alike to alert others of impending hazards. These signals are used universally throughout the cycling community to warn others about rocks, gravel, glass and the like, so don’t be afraid to whip ’em out with new riding groups. We want you to put those fingers to use pointing out hazards so that they don’t end up broken like Yoann’s. You can start by clicking the play button below to learn how to make your group ride this weekend the safest one yet.