Do You Want to Ride Like a Pro? – Part IV: Sprinting

Sprinters are typically the brash, outspoken members of the pro peloton, and for good reason. Nothing humbles another rider quite like a soul crushing sprint that leaves competitors in the dust. Cipollini, Boonen, Cavendish and Sagan know how to put the hurt on their rivals, and their powerful sprint has made them living legends.

When you are as fast as Super Mario, you can even throw water bottles at a commissar and get him so distracted that he crashes his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Phil Liggett won’t even raise his voice as he calls the shots. When you are a fast sprinter, you can get away with just about anything. Just don’t pinch the podium girls. Sagan, I’m looking at you.

Watching this video on sprinting fundamentals won’t make you as rad as Cipollini, but it will get you ready for that city line sprint you are sure to be a part of this weekend. A pair of aero wheels with free tires might help too.