Do You Want to Ride Like a Pro? – Part 1: Drafting

You may not know this but, it is rather simple to become an accomplished cyclist. I have personally narrowed down the checklist to include just two very straightforward items. First, everyone knows you can’t expect to compete with professional cyclists without the latest professional cycling gear. Luckily for you, that is just one click away. Now the second item takes a little more time and just a touch more effort, but every cyclist in the pro Peloton would be dropped in an instant without it. It is the life blood of cycling, more important than carbon components, even more pivotal than shaving your legs… Drum roll please!

You have to learn the Rules of the Road! You can’t ride like a professional cyclist unless you ride like a professional cyclist. At Art’s Cyclery we are not just committed to outfitting you with top of the line components and the latest technology so you can look the part, we want to teach you the skills and techniques that allow you to ride like the pro peloton. Our Rules of the Road video series aims to help you become a safer, more confident and, most importantly, stronger cyclist.

In the first installment, Rules of the Road: Drafting, we go over the benefits of drafting for a cyclist and the proper drafting technique for your next group ride. Hit the play button below and you’ll be one step closer to that pro tour podium.

And remember, you can’t just learn how to draft and then expect to win the Tour de France! We still have a lot to teach you so check back next friday for another installment of the Rules of the Road video series.