Foundation Training to Increase Core Strength for Cyclists

As every cyclist knows, strength is crucial for our enjoyment and success on the bike. Many of us simply focus on our leg strength, forgetting that the cycling position; rounded shoulders & spine, flexed hips, is inherently unbalanced and detrimental to physical health.

Foundation Training is built around enhancing postural strength, which benefits cycling by strengthening the core, stabilizing your pelvis, and enabling glutes, hams, and quads to be more effective.

“Unwinding” you from the hunched over cycling and desk-work position, Foundation Training straightens the back and combats the rounded shoulders & tight hips flexion posture.

Dr Thomas Baxter, long time cyclist and runner, is a certified Foundation Trainer, teaching Foundation training to his clients in order to empower their physical, mental, and emotional health. Tom is eager to share a couple of moves that will greatly enhance your cycling experience.

There are a couple of reasons why this core strengthening technique is uniquely different than conventional techniques and specifically benefits cyclists. It is based on two fundamental principles, anchoring and decompression.

Anchoring refers to strengthening “chains” of muscles that influence the core, not isolating muscles as is often conventionally done. By training numerous muscles to fire synchronistically, these resultant “chains” create more efficiency and strength. The “posterior chain,” which includes all the muscles that connect to your pelvis, whether above or below it, is largely responsible for pulling through on our pedal stroke.

Decompression refers to limiting the affects that gravity has on compressing the torso weight on the lungs, pelvis and lower spine. Foundation training decompresses and teaches you to be “long and strong” throughout the mid section of your body. It allows for bigger fuller inhalations, thus increased aerobic capacity.

Better yet , once you master this technique, it has surprisingly quick results! If I could show you a technique that was not only kinda fun…..but offered instantaneous benefits, why wouldn’t you do it?

Learn one or two of these positions….or all 18.