Four Awesome Base Layers to Get You Through the Winter

The humble base layer may not be the flashiest piece of cycling gear on the market, but anyone who’s worn one on a frosty winter ride knows how big of a difference it can make.

There are quite a few different base layer options out there, and to the uninitiated, they can all look pretty similar. That’s why we’re here to give you some great starting points to help get you hooked on layering.

Capo Layer 2

Craft Active Extreme

Craft has converted many a base layer skeptic, and the Active Extreme is their flagship model for a reason. No matter the weather, the Active Extreme always seems to magically keep your body temperature in just the right place. A light channel knit fabric with strategically placed diaphanous mesh gives this base layer the unique ability to stay viable over a huge range of temperatures; whether it’s an icy morning or a sunny afternoon, you’ll be glad you’re wearing the Active Extreme.

Assos Layer 3

Assos skinFoil_spring/fall

Assos is known as one of the most extravagant (read: expensive) cycling brands around. Luckily, their skinFoil_spring/fall base layer is only a little bit pricier than other manufacturer’s top-ends, and it still comes with that crème-de-la-crème Assos quality. The skinFoil_spring/fall is masterfully crafted all around, but where it really stands apart is the materials. Assos’s specially engineered Skinfoil fabric is lighter, softer, and better at insulating than anything else out there.

Castelli Layer 2

Castelli Prosecco

Castelli has quite a few quality base layer offerings, but we’re focusing on the Prosecco here because of its lightning-fast sweat wicking properties. Of course, any thermal base layer worth its salt should be able to wick away moisture, but only the Prosecco was built for moisture management above all else. And it’s no slouch in the “thermal” department either. The Prosecco is an easy choice if you want to stay warm, dry, and comfortable all ride long.

Craft Layer 2

Capo Torino 3D

Capo’s Torino 3D is a newcomer to the base layer scene, and it offers some technology unlike anything else on the market. The strange mesh striping may look a little funky, but it was designed and tested to provide maximum airflow where you need it most, without compromising insulation. This “Body Map” tech makes the Torino 3D uniquely proficient at maintaining a stable body temperature in almost any weather range. If you’re ready to try a base layer that’s on the cutting edge, you won’t be disappointed with the Torino 3D.

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