Holiday Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

If you can't get them a bike, get them the next best things!

With Halloween in the rear view mirror and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the holiday season is unavoidably upon us. Presents and smiles will soon be exchanged and this is the year you get that picky cyclist a gift that shuts them right up. Cycling is undoubtedly a preference oriented sport, but fear not you thoughtful gift giver, we have compiled a list of great holiday gift ideas that are sure to please that special road cyclist in your life.

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Stocking Stuffers (Under $100)

Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2. A CO2 inflator is one of those items that every cyclists should have with them whether they race or not. Getting a flat is a royal pain in the butt and CO2 inflators are not only lighter to carry than a pump but they also get you back on the road faster. The Lezyne Trigger drive is great because it’s compact, lightweight and has a trigger to control the flow of CO2 easily. If your cyclist already has an inflator, it never hurts to get them a few more CO2 cartridges.

The Feed Zone Cookbook. You know best of all that cyclists spend tremendous amounts of time, money and energy getting their bike dialed in with the best of the best. Don’t let your favorite cyclist attend to every detail of their bicycle and then neglect their body! Nutrition can mean the difference between snagging a podium spot and slogging in at last place so let Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas show them how much fun, how flavorful, and how easy cooking for performance can be. The Feed Zone Cookbook will show them how to cook amazing dishes at home and the Feed Zone Portables Cookbook will show them how to bring it with them.

Swiftwick Performance Olefin Four Sock. A pair of socks used to be the absolute worst gift you could unwrap on Christmas morning but not so with cyclists. Another pair of cycling socks is something every cyclist needs but never really wants to pick up at the bike shop. The Swiftwick Performance Olefin Four Sock is durable, extremely comfortable and features a 4″ cuff for just the right amount of style. If you want something that makes a bit more of a statement we recommend our selection of Sock Guy Socks or, for something to fight off the cold, go with the Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Wool Socks.

Park Tool BO-2C Bottle Opener. Cyclists love beer and cyclists love tools. Why not get your cyclist a gift that combines them both? The Park Tool Bottle Opener will slip right into the stocking of your lager lover, bring a smile to your porter hoarder, and allow the bike riding brewskie baron in your life to open a beer with ease. If you are feeling really generous, you could even snag them an incredibly useful multi-tool to help complete all those smaller, non-beer related tasks as well.

Lezyne Phone Wallet. Your cyclist doesn’t cut corners when it comes to bike performance yet he probably puts his phone in a plastic bag when he goes for a ride. What a barbarian! Get your cyclist the gift that keeps their phone, their cash, their ID and their credit card all in one safe, sweat-free spot, the Lezyne Phone Wallet. A cheaper alternative that still gets the job done, although without as much style, is the Lezyne Caddy Sack. I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better when your cyclist leaves the house with all their essentials and they will thank you when it comes time to use them.

Gifts for Under the Tree ($100 or more)

Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive Floor Pump. Every cyclist needs a floor pump so, if they don’t have one by now, consider your shopping done. The Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive allows your cyclists to precisely pump up their tires like never before. Gone are the days of guessing and checking where that miniature needle is pointing. Your cyclist will thank you for the consistent ride quality and let’s be honest, this pump will look dang good sitting in the garage.

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Cycling Computer. Do you want to be your cyclist’s favorite person ever this holiday season? Get ’em a Garmin. If they don’t already have a cycling computer or they are using a cycling computer that doesn’t use GPS, it’s time for them to upgrade and for you to help. The Garmin Edge 500 is GPS enabled so they can measure distance, speed, elevation and get their Strava on, Ant+ compatible so they can monitor heart rate, cadence and even power with the appropriate accessories and it is neutral in color to match any paint job. If you want to challenge Santa himself you can spring for the Garmin Edge 500 Red Bundle. Forget Rudolph, your cyclist can have the ultimate beacon of cycling computing leading their sleigh.

Castelli Gabba Long Sleeve Jersey and/or Castelli Men’s Nanoflex Bibtight. The holiday season means cold weather and no one likes to ride when they’re not warm and toasty. Get your cyclist a gift that they can use right away, get them some cold weather cycling gear. The Castelli Gabba Long Sleeve Jersey is windproof, water resistant, lightweight and breathable to keep them comfortable in the nastiest conditions. The Castelli Men’s Nanoflex Bibtight repels water to keep them dry and warm and uses minimal seams keep them chafe-free.

Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a safety necessity and, if you get the right pair, they make you look so very pro. Oakley Radarlock’s include Oakley’s patented Switchlock technology to make changing lenses easy. Each pair comes with two lenses with high definition optics technology and the industry leading impact protection that Oakley is known for. There are numerous styles to fit any preference and they go well with any kit. Show that special cyclist of yours that they deserve the best this year.

Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand. If your cyclist spends hours on end in the garage tinkering with his prized steed, a repair stand is the perfect gift. A repair stand is a necessity for swapping out parts and it makes regular maintenance like lubricating your chain or re-wrapping your handlebars a heck of a lot easier. The Park Tool PCS-10 Stand is the perfect home mechanic stand. It is adjustable, easy to use, stable and it folds up when it is time to make room for other activities. This is one gift that will leave a huge smile on every mechanically inclined cyclist.

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And remember, you can always snag a gift card and let your road or mountain rider pick out his own dang gift!