Introducing POC Octal and Octal Aero Helmets

POC Octal Helmet

There’s a seemingly endless selection of helmets on the market and picking the perfect lid can be tough with so many similar products out there. If you’re looking for something that stands out in a crowd, POC has two new road helmets worth a closer look. The Octal and Octal Aero have some distinct technical features as well as a striking aesthetic that is as functional as it is stylish. 

POC is a Swedish company best known for their snow helmets and gear. But the brand has made quite an impact on the mountain bike market over the last few years with the popularity of the Trabec and Trabec Race helmets. Now POC has their sights set on the road scene with the introduction of the Octal and Octal Aero. It also helps that POC is sponsoring the Pro-Tour Garmin Sharp team.

POC Octal Helmet

The POC Octal helmet has extended coverage around the temples.

The Octal has less vents than most helmets but the vents are much larger, which POC claims improves overall ventilation. The EPS shell varies in density to help increase impact resistance. The helmet also has additional coverage over the temples and on the back of the head to increase safety. We haven’t had a chance to weigh one for ourselves, but POC claims the Octal tips the scales at a mere 195 grams for a size medium, which would make it one of the lightest helmets available.

POC Octal Aero Helmet

Steele Von Hoff in the Octal Aero helmet.

The Octal Aero is essentially an Octal shell with the vents filled in. There is one vent on the forehead that sucks air over the head and out a massive exhaust port in the back. This helmet is a little heavier than the Octal at a claimed 215 grams, but it’s still far lighter than other aero road lids on the market. It has the same extended coverage as the Octal along with the multi-density EPS liner.

Both the Octal and Octal Aero will be available in three colors—white, blue and orange.

POC Octal Aero

Be seen out there with the POC Octal Aero in orange.