Garmin Vector Price Reduction, New Software, and Budget Vector S Power Meter

If you’ve been considering adding a power meter to your bike, but price and installation woes were standing in your way, Garmin just solved your problem. The price on Garmin’s Vector power meter just dropped $200! Add that price drop to the ongoing mail-in rebate offered by Garmin for a massive $400 discount! With Garmin’s easy to use and install pedal based power meter, getting it going is a snap, even for the least mechanically inclined cyclist.

Perhaps even more exciting is that the capabilities offered by the Vector have vastly expanded. In addition to measuring the following:

  • Garmin VectorLeft/right balance: average at various time intervals
  • Power: average at various time intervals
  • Training Stress Score (TSS)
  • Normalized Power (NP)
  • Intensity Factor (IF)
  • Total power in watts
  • Overall kilojoules
  • Power zones
  • Cadence

Garmin Vector software can now sense cycling dynamics such as when you are pedaling either seated or standing, Power Phase (PP)-where in the pedal stroke you are making your power (which should finally lay to rest the debate over whether pulling up on your pedals improves pedaling efficiency), and Platform Center Offset (PCO)-where on the pedal you are pushing hardest. PCO can be especially helpful for riders with fit issues that generate additional pressure on either the inboard or outboard portion of the pedal rather than straight down the middle. Using this information, repositioning cleats or adding shims to cleats or shoes can help riders improve pedaling efficiency.

Garmin Vector Cycling Dynamics


Now some of you are probably thinking, ‘I still can’t afford a Vector power meter.’ Well, Garmin has you covered too with a new budget version called the Vector S that mounts only to the non-drive side crank arm rather than using the standard Vector’s bilateral power metering arrangement. The Vector S will still come with a pair of pedals, but only one sensor. MSRP is just $899; but with a mail in rebate, the net price is only $809!

Using just one sensor, the Vector S is unable to compare left and right leg power output, but that just puts it on the same level as nearly every other power meter on the market that cannot compare individual leg power output. While the Vector S also does not produce the new cycling dynamics metrics such as seated or standing power, PP, or PCO; all of the metrics that mater most are there. Best of all, if you decide you want the full monte later on, you can upgrade the Vector S by purchasing the right side sensor and performing a software update.

The new Garmin Vector S is slated to arrive at the Art’s Cyclery warehouse in the Fall.

Garmin Vector VS Vector S

Both of Garmin’s power meters are compatible with the Garmin Edge 1000, Edge 810, Edge 800, Edge 510, Edge 500, and the Forerunner 910XT.