Sneak Peek | Giro Empire LTD Leather Shoes

It’s not too often a new product shows up in the warehouse that can grab everyone’s attention as easily as a one-off run of limited edition of kicks from Giro. Looking good in leather, we were lucky enough to snag some of the last remaining pairs of these limited edition Empires—Giro’s much-loved lace-up.

Limited Edition Giro Leather Empire

Laces and a one-piece upper make for a comfortable combo—supple brown leather and striking red laces double up to make for quite the stylish duo as well.

Beyond the Empire LTD Leather‘s dashing good looks is a shoe made for performance as well. Its one-piece, waxed leather outer is immensely supple, ready to conform to your feet for a custom-like fit earned through days in the saddle. However, since real leather tends to stretch more than the synthetic materials usually used in shoe uppers, Giro added ‘Power Mesh’ lining to the Empire’s interior to keep stretching to a minimum, allowing just enough give for comfort but greatly prolonging the useful life of the shoes.

Giro Empire LTD Leather

In addition to the lack of weighty buckles and straps up top, the Empire’s Easton EC90ACC outsole is largely responsible for it’s lack of heft on the scale. A pair of size 42 Empire LTD’s come in at just 225 grams.

Down below, the Empire LTD gets a custom red footplate as well, and while it may be a bit showier than most,at only 6.5mm thick, the lightweight Easton EC90 ACC unidirectional carbon fiber outsole is engineered to put your full effort into forward motion, leaving your competition staring at your shoes while you sprint for the finish.

Giro Empire Tool Roll-up

As if the shoes themselves weren’t enough, Giro went ahead and commissioned a local California company to create 400 custom tool rolls out of the very same leather used for the Giro LTD uppers. Three pockets and a snap closure makes stowing your gear as easy as it is handsome.

With only 400 pairs were produced, and the first 50 pairs being sold through Giro’s First Friday Fifty initiative, we grabbed as many as we could, but unfortunately once they’re gone they’re gone! So, if these strike your fancy as much as they do ours, you’d better move quick—the shoes will go live on the site in the next few days, so check back soon.