Sound Off: Anthony Medaglia

AnthoAnthony Medaglia, Engineering Manager of Sram‘s San Luis Obispo campus, has his roots in Northern California’s mountain bike scene. The Novato native has been anchored in San Luis Obispo since attending Cal Poly in the late 90’s, and in that time has been blowing up bunch sprints, crushing trails and damaging the egos of cyclists years his younger. Plus, every year he completes a legendary 70-mile-plus mountain bike ride on his birthday known as the Giro di SLO. Make no doubt about it, Anthony kills it on a bike. So what does a guy who has brains anduh, abilities think about the important things in life? Anthony tells all in this edition of Sound Off.

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? Nope, still waiting for something like that to happen.

Dawn patrol or evening ride? I’m not a morning person but I’ll go with dawn patrol because it energizes me for the day ahead.

Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle, and why? I might have run a stop sign on the Cal Poly campus a time or three.

If you had to ride with cantilever brakes instead of hydraulic discs or elastomer suspension instead of current technology, which would it be? Tough one…I’ll take the cantilever brakes.

Best cycling innovation? SRAM X-Sync drivetrain, durable and lightweight MTB tires, dropper posts, disc brakes, suspension, clipless pedals, GPS, and power meters. Sorry, I can’t pick a single one but those were all game changers for me…and this one might sound stupid but a cell phone in your pocket, I ride by myself a lot, I turn on the “tracker” and share my location when I’m riding, not a bullet proof solution but better than nothing.

Which SRAM product are you most proud of? 1×11 X-Sync drivetrain, all the pieces were designed to work together to deliver performance advantages that you simply couldn’t get previously in a homemade 1x.  It’s simple, clean, and it just works.

Flats or clipless? Clipless, I’m a hack and I flail on flats.

Favorite piece of cycling kit? Anything that isn’t torn, scratched up and doesn’t stink.  So basically none of my cycling gear.

Favorite place to ride? The trails where I grew up, simply because of the memories, that’s where I learned how to ride.  Ashland, Oregon.  Downieville…

Who are your heroes or role models? Nobody specific, but a combination of friends, colleagues, teammates, coaches, past and present who inspire and motivate me to be better.

Pizza or burrito, and what would be on/in the perfect one? I’m not too particular, but I don’t like pepperoni on a pizza.

Favorite SRAM product? I’m partial to our carbon fiber cranks.

Cross-train or ride more? There’s a lot of science behind specificity, cross training is nice if you have all the time in the world but probably not the best use of one’s time if the goal here is to get better at cycling.  If that’s not the goal, then yes, cross “train”, don’t be a one-trick pony.  I do like to think that the experience from the sports I’ve competed at in the past have benefited me in cycling.

Tomac or Palmer? Tomac. Class act.

What was your first bike? A hand-me down from my sister. It was blue.  I think it was from Sears or Montgomery Ward.

What could you not live without? Sleep.

Is it a roost or a carve? Is what a roost or a carve?  Ask HB?

Which do you covet more; Chris Malloy’s Prefumo Canyon road climb KOM or Cory Sullivan’s Rock Garden MTB descent KOM? Podium on race day.

What are you most grateful for? Escaping near death experiences and serious injuries.