Sound Off: Jeff Kendall-Weed

DSC02782Central Cal dominator Jeff Kendall-Weed knows a thing or two about how to get the most fun out of riding bikes. As head of international sales at WTB, and a sponsored Kali rider, Jeff gets to ride some of the coolest gear on the market. If you’ve ever met Jeff out and about, or had the pleasure of riding with him, you know he’s a smiley guy who is adept at spreading the stoke and creating fun wherever he goes. Jeff’s skills on a bike are inspiring, and enable him to ride with the kind of creativity that leaves you shaking your head in wonder.

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? No, but I’ve stumbled across a couple mountain lions out in the woods by myself. That’s been pretty hair raising!

Dawn patrol or evening ride? Both! Nothing better than double dipping!

Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle, and why? Yes, and in a good way (recovering a friend’s stolen bike).

 If you had to ride with cantilever brakes instead of hydraulic discs or elastomer suspension instead of current technology, which would it be? Cantilevers with modern day suspension?  That’d be interesting!  Speed with no control!  Honestly, I think a bicycle’s  geometry is more significant than the suspension technology, though the two really need to work together to make for an excellent riding bike.  Here in Santa Cruz, the trails are so smooth that suspension isn’t as important as good brakes.

Best cycling innovation? Somewhat ironically, disc brakes that work reliably.

Flats or clipless? Flats on the weekdays, clipless on the race days!

Favorite piece of cycling kit? Kitsbow Softshell AM shorts.

Favorite place to ride? Demo Forest, just outside of Santa Cruz, CA.  I grew up riding those trails, and they are still just as much fun now as when I was 11 years old!

Who are your heroes or role models? Hans Heim, Tom Morgan, and Brian Lopes.

Pizza or burrito, and what would be on/in the perfect one? Grilled vegetable burrito from the local market, with Wizard Sauce, or a good California Burrito.

Favorite Kali product? Maya helmet, that thing is comfy!

Cross-train or ride more? Cross train.  It’s always good to experience some fresh challanges.

Tomac or Palmer? Tomac for his professionalism and legacy.

What was your first bike? Mongoose Expert Pro.

Websites you check everyday?,, Google news

Is it a roost or a carve? The two terms refer to very different things.

Would you rather have Ian Wilkinson’s photo skills or Scott Chapin’s mustache? HA!  I’ve already rocked the mustache a few times, so I’d pine for Ian’s photo magic.

What are you most grateful for? My health, happiness, and family.