Sound Off: Marco Osborne

marco head

Part of the Next Generation crew groomed by WTB icon Mark Weir, Marco Osborne was a snowboarder who charged on a mountain bike. Once he met Mark and Ben Cruz, it all fell into place and 23 year-old Marco is now a big threat on the international enduro circuit.

Marco’s top-notch tutelage continues under Jerome Clementz, one of the best enduro riders in the world. After a couple seasons getting his feet wet in Europe, Marco is poised to start making big moves in 2016.

Marco recently took the time to be interrogated by our Sound Off officer, giving a look into what keeps him stoked!

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? I have never seen any supernatural creatures but I would love to see Bigfoot or a chupacabra. I believe in both of them for sure.

Dawn patrol or evening ride? Night rides starting at sunset are the best. Just climb up during the last light of the day and watch the sunset with friends. Once it’s dark it’s time to drop in and get rowdy.

Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle, and why? I have used my bike as a getaway vehicle once, but don’t like to do it very often. Sometimes you just have to pin it and not look back.

If you had to ride with cantilever brakes instead of hydraulic discs or elastomer suspension instead of current technology, which would it be? I would have to go with the cantilever brakes. They don’t have the best stoping power but will get the job done.

Best cycling innovation? Shimano Di2 electric shifting is a huge innovation that has recently blown my mind. The shifting is so crisp, smooth, and very easy to tune. I feel like a robot out there.

Flats or clipless? Clipless.

Would you rather be a circus clown or a rodeo clown? Rodeo clown, even though it seems dangerous it would probably be a lot more entertaining than being a circus clown.

Favorite place to ride? The Lake Tahoe area has been my favorite spot ever since I started riding, but after riding in France this year I’d have to say the Alps are high up on the list as well.

Who are your heroes or role models? Right now, my big hero is Paul Bassagotia. After his crash at Rampage, and the horrible resulting injury, he is at the top of my list. That guy has inspired me from the start. I met him four years ago in Tahoe, got a chance to ride with him for a couple days,  even riding his Red Bull jumps in his backyard.  It’s hitting lots of his friends hard to see him battle this tough recovery. I also look up to guys like Mark Weir and Jerome Clements. There is so much to learn from these guys.

Favorite WTB product? The WTB Warden. The  mud spike tire has been one of my favorites this year. So much traction.

Pizza or burrito, and what would be on/in the perfect one? A super burrito with el pastor will do the trick.

Cross-train or ride? Ride more!

Anne Caroline or Minaar? Minnar.

Tomac or Palmer? Palmer is a legend.

Meditation or Metallica? Metallica.

What was your first bike? When I was 12 years old I got my first proper mountain bike. It was a Marin B-17 hardtail. I rode it everywhere, from the local dirt jumps to Northstar, just hucking with my friends.

Websites you check everyday? Pinkbike, Vital MTB, NOAA.

Is it a roost or a carve?  Roost it bro! It’s what ever you want it be I think. You have to carve if you want to roost. I love roosting on my mtb and carving on my snowboard. I just can’t get enough of it.

What is one super power you wish you had? I want to teleport, that way I don’t have to fly anywhere: just be anywhere in the world at a drop of a hat.

What are you most grateful for? I am most grateful for life in general: being healthy and being able to ride my bike is huge. I’m grateful for my parents and all their hard work to raise three crazy boys. All the people who have helped me get to where I am now in my career are a blessing, I wouldn’t be here without them. Cheers to all my sponsors, friends, and family that support me in this life.

Advice for the masses? Be stoked and have fun! Cheers!