Improve Your Endurance on the Bike With This Simple Exercise

Has your fitness plateaued? Do you want to be faster, but don’t have time to ride? The side plank is the exercise for you. Build a stronger core to improve your endurance and your sprint. Art’s co-owner Eric Benson (M.S. Kinesiology) shows you how to perform this exercise right, including a few variations to ratchet up the difficulty.

With a strong core as your foundation, cyclists can avoid the common back and neck pains that slow you down, or worse, keep you off the bike. A strong core also facilitates improved rider efficiency. With less energy expended maintaining posture, your legs are free to use a greater portion of that energy to propel you forward. Of course training is only one half of the equation, the other half being nutrition and proper recovery.

Check back for more episodes in the Art’s Cyclery cross training series to keep learning how a little time spent training off of the bike can pay big dividends on the bike.