How to Adjust Shimano Mechanical Road Front Derailleurs

Is your drivetrain just not performing like it used to? Do you find it difficult to get it up into your big ring? Does your significant other refuse to ride with you because of embarrassing chain rub? These may be symptoms of an improperly functioning front derailleur, a non-life threatening condition that can lower the quality of your ride. Before you accept your fate and relegate yourself to never shifting out of the small ring again, take a look at this video and let professional mechanic Daniel Slusser prescribe some possible solutions to your Shimano Front Derailleur shifting woes. It may be drastic, but if you find it’s time to replace that shoddy front derailleur or any of your other Shimano Road Components, click the link and reclaim those glory days today! If, after adjusting your front derailleur, you experience a ride lasting longer than 4 hours, consult your physician immediately… or just share a high five with your partner and keep on riding.