Let Us Entertain You!

O.K. folks, it’s time to take your mind off work for a bit and focus on the important stuff in the world. This week brings another awesome display of imagination and bike handling skills, a look into the life you wish you had, and then the life you’re not sure about… Finally, you first saw something like this on Tatooine.

Even though this has been all over the internet, it’s so incredible we wanted to make sure everyone saw it. Chris Akrigg ripping up some riff raff.

Here’s hometown hero Tom Danielson giving us a glimpse behind the curtain.

Shaun Palmer is… Well… If you know who he is, then you know all about him… Or do you? Here’s a preview of the excellent DVD, Miserable Champion.

Finally, how’s this for some childhood-fantasy-come-to-life? We’ll be watching development closely…