Let Us Entertain You!

Happy Wednesday, Webland! We’re halfway to the weekend! This week’s video theme is patience. Take a deep breath and relax. Be patient; the 2013 Giro will get here; keep pedaling and you’ll make it to 100 km—if not 100 years; the Red Bull Rampage will run again; this traffic will eventually let up…

Here’s a little vid to get you pumped up for your lunch ride. The 2013 Giro d’Italia promo.


Robert Marchand sets a new age-class world record. He attributes his longevity to never smoking and a healthy appetite for wine and women… Rascal.


Looking back at the Red Bull Rampage 2010 Finals in anticipation of this weekends event.


Here’s a great way to deal with a traffic jam. Moto trials ace Julian Dupont shows us how.