Let Us Entertain You

Alright, alright, it’s time to take a break. Watch, listen, and learn. Some real nice stuff this week (I think). Since we’re heading into Winter let’s take some time to think about what else  there is in life besides bikes. Not a whole lot, but there are some things…

Let’s not go cold turkey… Here’s a clip of some glorious dirt and (eventually) high-level bike control. Mike Hopkins in his Loam Factory.

Once upon a time, cable cams were a ground-breaking technique, used to great success in the seminal film The Collective. These days, every kid with a 7D has access to a cable cam, but we haven’t seen one like this. Watch Nico Vink get his whips dialed.

Time to break out. Here’s one person’s take on one of the top three things to do when you’re outside. Joey Vosburg narrates his life.

And last, here’s Matt Whitehead philosophizing and enjoying another of the top three things to do when you’re outside, and demonstrating the best use of a fat tire bike. We need to listen up…