Let Us Entertain You

This week’s line-up includes the usual mountain bike radness, some roots cyclocross footy,  a bit of cross-training to help keep your upper body in shape, and a chance to give to those who have given for you.

GoPro has been releasing some unbelievably good clips to promote their new Hero3 cameras. Here is their official 2012 Red Bull Rampage synopsis.

From back when men were men and the bikes were just along for the ride. If you think cyclocross is a tough go these days, come see what it was like in the early Sixties.

Rock climbing disciples share a few attributes with cyclists, ripped torsos not included; the ability to ignore pain, belief of victory in the face of certain defeat, extended periods of focus, and the faith that this is somehow all worth the hassle, which is usually confirmed when you get to the top. 

We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, and we owe much of it to the sacrifices others have made. Wounded veterans deserve all the help society can give. If you are feeling the true spirit of the holidays, here are a couple of worthy causes that need your help.