Let Us Entertain You

WInter riding serves up it’s own special plate of nourishment. The painful sting of frozen air on exposed flesh, a fleeting feeling of panic as the first frigid breath is drawn deep into your lungs, extremities that finally thaw out just as you crawl into bed after a day short on sunlight; all are delicacies only enjoyed in their retelling of how gnarly that one ride was.

This week’s spate of vids presents several takes on winter, from snow and mud in Canada to low-angle sunshine in California to Summer in Colombia.

Even though we live in Southern California, we know some people with rain bikes. Snow bikes, however, are a foreign concept, but apparently necessary in some locales.

Here’s some excellent dirt shredding cinematography featuring Ian Morrison and Steve Smith. When I saw this I had to leave the computer and go for a ride.

Jeremy Powers takes a trip out to Santa Cruz, California, a feel-good hotspot for disc golf and disc brakes.

Yes, we know… Some of you are saying, “You’ve seen one urban DH race and you’ve seen them all.” While they do look strikingly similar—might have something to do with the fact that they are always displayed through first-person helmet-cam footage—we just can’t get enough of them. Marcello Gutierrez decimates Manizales, Colombia.

For allowing us to indulge ourselves with the previous urban DH video, we offer up this preview of possible 2013 Tour de France GC contender, Chris Froome. What do you think?