Let Us Entertain You

This is an interesting time of year. Racing season has begun, yet there is still snow on the ground. Some places are dry and rideable, and of course, the RB9 has just been revealed. We, of course, have a handle on all of this, and present to you video evidence to prove it.

New kit, old results… With Cav back as the focus of his team, he is delivering victories once again. Tour of Quatar, Stage Three.

From desert heat to snow covered forests, let’s watch a couple guys who just can’t wait to ride.

Here is the terrain mountain bikes are supposed to be ridden on. It’s also good to see that “Intense” translates to “ripping” in any language.

And finally, in the highest form of road racing, they move to a different soundtrack. Have a look at the most refined piece of sporting equipment in the world, and the resources it takes to create this.