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Nathan Rennie, modern legend, showing what set him apart from the rest.

It’s not that Fabian Cancellara wins, it’s how he wins—simply deciding that the race is over. Pedal to the metal in the 2013 Ronde van Vlaanderen. He rode the rest of the course all alone.

Recently a few Art’s Cyclery employees and racers went to Vegas… To race! Read about it here, then come back and watch this helmet cam footage of the DH course.

Volkswagen Vanagons aren’t just for camping in, but we never thought we would ever see one on the race track! Team GoWesty in the second highest-performance VW van ever. Here is the first.

You’ve probably seen this one already, but just in case you’ve been living in Antarctica and just returned to wireless range, here you go. You should also get your pre-order in with us for the Santa Cruz Bronson. They are on the way!