Let Us Entertain You

It’s a season of excitement, hope, trepidation and fun as the dirt racing scene ramps up and the Grand Tours begin. This week we have a look at some races, both mountain and road, along with the usual tomfoolery.

The 2013 Giro d’Italia begins this weekend. Known as the Tour’s little sibling, the Giro is usually a tougher test of the racers fitness. 2013’s edition will cover 3405km and feature three time trial stages.

The Whiskey Off Road Epic went down last weekend. Here’s a wrap up of Day Three’s pro race.

Brian Lopes, always going race speed.

The family that shreds together will eventually shred harder together. Take your kids riding, preferably to an awesome bike park like this one.

Finally, here’s proof that one rider’s XC is almost everyone else’s freeride. Sam Pilgrim training for the Olympics.