Let Us Entertain You

Evolution stems from creativity, and creativity comes from an evolving outlook on the world. This week, we have some examples of skewed perspectives, and how they can turn out to be gateways to humor, fresh experiences, and flat-out radness. Enjoy.

Peter Sagan can’t help but be a crowd-pleaser. He must train with Martyn Ashton in the off season.

It takes a special kind of cyclist to to look at dirt jumps in a creative way to start with, but what happens when you have four tiny wheels instead of two big ones?

Here’s another example from the Crankworx Fat Tire Criterium of how personal interpretation pushes boundaries further out. What’s the over/under on fatbike events at next year’s festival?

Red Bull sells a lot of soda. A lot. So much so, in fact, that they can afford to create and train a supergroup of B Boys, the Red Bull BC One All Stars. Getting any cross-training ideas?