Let Us Entertain You

May we present documentation of events that occurred in three-dimensional space, was transformed into RGB dots, then endless strings of zeros and ones, and finally, back into flashes of light to entice your rods and cones to stimulate a response in your brain, leaving you to wonder if any of this really happened in the first place. As far as we can tell, it did.

Highlights from the 2013 UCI Men’s Road World Championships. Rui Costa has earned the right to carry the Curse of the Rainbow Stripes.

We came across this when looking for footage of the upcoming Red Bull Rampage, and decided that, even if we have shown it before, it is such an impressive clip that it warrants another viewing. Cam Zink performs the Worlds Most Radical Backflip.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be Eddy Merckx, this great ad for the Museum of Sport will fill you in.

Here’s a gem; Paul Sherwen interviews the first female soigneur in the history of the European Pro Tour, Shelley Verses of Toshiba-Look. Shelly discusses her duties for the 1988 Tour de France, which include feeding, race preparation, feed zone logistics, and post-race recovery.

The benefits of being an international sporting hero include govenment-sanctioned road closures so you can use the entire width of the turns when chasing down the 100 KPH barrier. Mark Cavendish takes advantage.

This one has exploded since it’s posting only a week ago, but just in case you missed it, here it is. This is what happens when adrenalin and poorly marked downhill trails meet.