Let Us Entertain You

We have often said that bicycles can be many things to many people, but we didn’t mean to imply that a bike would ever be used for anything other than pedaling down a road or trail. Frank Zappa, of course, interprets our saying a bit differently. Ryan Gardner sees bikes as a reason to simplify his life and maximize his stoke. To other folks, however, bikes are like giant flies constantly buzzing in their ears, and that makes them very angry…

Darren Berrecloth may currently be down, but he’s never out. With motivation surrounding him everywhere he looks, the Claw will be back shredding in no time. Take a look at what gets him out of bed each morning.

What does a pair of shoes dangling from wires really mean? It appears to depend on where you live and who else lives there. Regardless, we finally have several definitive answers to an important question.

Ryan Gardner keeps it simple by enjoying the Van Life in SB. Gotta keep those priorities in order, now.

We suspect that at some time in this driver’s sad life, one of his co-workers greased his coffee mug with chamois cream, thus sealing his hatred of cyclists and spurring his transformation into Annoying Horn Man.

Two American treasures, Frank Zappa and the Bicycle, come together and transform into more than the sum of their parts.