Let Us Entertain You

We like speed, we like critical situations, but we also appreciate beauty and of course we like to laugh. This week’s video selection has a bit of each, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Jasper Wong is a Hawaiian artist who fled the Islands as soon as he could. He has since returned to beautify the urban environment and pass along the joy of simply coloring in between the lines.

“Wendenstöcke is a big climbing wall. Hard, long, wild and free are words that describe all the routes in Wendenstocke. Wild because of their engagement and the bivy they require in an isolated ledge of Mahren sector, and because of the necessity of bivyes, the length of the routes, and the distance between protection. Matteo Della Bordella says ‘About our opening style, I noted that, especially on pitches around grades 6 or 7, I tended to put a bolt just before a hard section, and then we climbed the hard section till it is over without putting anything in the middle. In this way, you create a route with bolts but with a strong alpinistic character, very different from a sport climbing route in mountain when bolts are almost always at a reasonable distance…’ ”

Whatever, it’s just gnarly

Moto is the ultimate enduro. Inside lines, corner stuffs, and a crash.

So you want to land a job as a bike tester? It’s not as easy as it seems. The pros at Vital show us exactly which skills you’ll need to master before being considered for such a demanding job.

Check out a season’s worth of Schwalbe Super Gravity-enabled shredding, then pick up a pair for yourself here.