Let Us Entertain You

Every new year brings the opportunity for new beginnings and improvement over the previous one. We prefer to just keep providing you with the same old radness that you’ve come to expect from your weekly dose of visual stimulation.

So, you want to learn the art of parkour? Jumping across rooftops and sliding down awnings? Cool, we’re all for it. Here is where you start training. Please wear a helmet though.

Flatland BMX master Jason Forde’s latest edit. Jason’s positivity, pursuit of style, and natural ability shine through in this video, shot while Jason was recovering from a back injury that made every movement hurt.

A Unicycle adventure across Scotland. I know what you are thinking, but trust me… This is the coolest unicycle video yet, full of creativity and varied terrain.

Master film maker Alex Rankin documents downhiller Adam Brayton and freerider Nico Vink shredding some secret trails on Adam’s side of town. Some great natural terrain trail senders and traction-rich berms in this edit, along with a progressive/regressive soundtrack.

Louis Reboul shows what smoov is all about. Slow, late, and tweaked.

Here’s a special New Year’s bonus.

Conked and kitted, Ice-T gets ready to Squeeze the Lever.

Conked and kitted, Ice-T gets ready to Squeeze the Lever.