Let Us Entertain You

Chaos will eventually take over the universe and reduce it all to its most basic elements, but for now just take a look at the madness going on around you. Bitchin’ two-stroke buses, trespassing, massive e-bike performance, and how it feels to win, are what you’ll find in this week’s amusing assemblage of coordinated colors, sounds, and vectors.

Josh Bryceland and Logan Peat riding Jackals around Santa Cruz.

A few couple of weeks ago the Trail Snob gave his opinion on electronic-assist mountain bikes, and it wasn’t positive. After seeing the following two videos, however, the incredible potential of e-bikes has made the Snob reconsider.

It would take a team of scientists and at least six million dollars to better the performance seen here.

And this… This… Wow. How could you not want an e-bike after seeing how much fun this guy has on his?

Why should you go tubeless on your road bike? Schwalbe tells why.

In case you missed it, the US National Cyclocross Chamoionships went down in Boulder, Colorado last weekend. Previous champs KFC and J-Pow lived up to their reputations and took home the heavy hardware yet again.

Jeremy Powers reflects on his Cyclocross National Championship, his season, and the upcoming World’s.

Katie Compton just won her 10th US Cyclocross National Championship. Here she discusses the race, and her plans for Worlds.