Let Us Entertain You

Well, you’ve made it to the halfway point. Hopefully you have already knocked out a couple of PB’s on your local loops, but if not, here is some visual stimulation to get you on the right path. If you’ve already mailed it in for the week, then just cue up the vids and grab a donut… There’s always the weekend.

Brandon Blakely and Evan Voss pay their respects in their chosen place of worship, while Zach Heaton documents. Don’t forget to go to Church this weekend, wherever yours is.

Johnnyrandom’s composition for the bicycle: Bespoken, performed on a Specialized Allez and Stumpjumper FSR.

Cory Kaiser on the cyclocross version of the Stairmaster.

At the 2013 Linz Gugl Games, Sprinter Felix Sanchez and cyclist Tom Öhler squared off in the 400m Hurdles.

While I was terrified just watching the bike testers from VitalMTB ride Sedona’s White Line Trail, Hans Rey would’ve done the whole thing on his back wheel with one hand on the bars.

There is a lot going on in a Front Flip Forward Bike Flip, shown here by Ryan Williams.