Let Us Entertain You

Here is your weekly round up of the latest, cycling-related talkies on the world’s widest spider web.

Dan Milner tries to find out what all the fuss is about in Santa Cruz. He must have hit it on an off day…

Mikey Sylvestri at the recent Nevada State Championships held at Bootleg Canyon. This is how it should be done…

…and this is how it should not be done. Bootleg Canyon is home to some vicious terrain, and it’s much easier to crash than to clean the DH trails there. This guy got off easy—he was able to walk away.

How to be a road biker. Not quite as entertaining as S—t Cyclists Say, but pretty good nonetheless.

Cycling Scotland’s public service telling motorists to “treat a cyclist the way you treat a horse.” Unfortunately, the ad was banned because of the helmet-less cyclist at the end.