Let Us Entertain You

We are really running the gamut this week, folks. From the first Monument of 2014 to Katy Perry. How do we do it? Why do we do it? When will we stop? Don’t worry about things you can’t control and just sit back to enjoy the mess we have brought you.

No doubt you’ve heard about how the Big Names lost, but how about taking a look at how Katusha’s Alexander Kristoff won the 2014 Milan—San Remo. Here are the final few Km’s.

Fabien Barel reveals his true nature along with some tips to the Trail Ninja Dan Milner.  Learn “How to Enduro” like a World Champ.

Missed Cris Akrigg’s version of Cyclocross? Never fear we have it here.

Is this vision of wing suits and skiers even real? Why isn’t everyone doing this flying squirrel thing?

The Best of the Internet: Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in 20 Different Styles by Anthony Vincent