Ask a Mechanic | Internal Handlebar Cable Routing

Question: Can you post a video on how to route cable housing for aero road bars? I am having issues getting the housing for shifting and brakes installed. From: Jimmy

Answer: We did our first video on internal cable routing over a year ago and another one about 9 months ago that I think could help you with this, but with a few pointers I’ll go over now, you typically don’t need to resort to using those more involved processes.

I start by cutting my cable housing long and then use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the tip of the housing. This helps to get around the housing to make it though the internal bends smoothly and directed to the exit port near the handlebar clamp.

I’ve found that it is almost always better to start at the drop and end at the bar clamp to get the job done smoothly.

If the housing doesn’t pop out the cable exit port all by itself, a flashlight and pick tool are usually all I need to direct the cable housing through the whole.

Once you get the housing through the bar, cut the housing to length, being sure to cut off the bent section of the housing.

If this technique doesn’t work for you, I guarantee that the other internal cable routing procedures we’ve covered on Ask a Mechanic will.