Ask a Mechanic: What Grease is in Your Bearings?

Mechanics are often asked, “What grease do you use?” It’s a great question and one that should be asked more frequently by riders who invest in components specced with high quality bearings. The right grease can extend the life of bearings while reducing rolling resistance.

Former Team Highroad pro mechanic Greg O’Keeffe and I are of one mind when it comes to grease and we choose Shimano Dura Ace Grease as our number one choice for normal riding conditions. For wet conditions, Phil Wood Waterproof Grease gets our nod for the ideal bearing lubrication.

I’d like to also offer an honorable mention here for Finish Line Ceramic Grease. If you have ceramic bearings, this is my go-to grease. But don’t think that it only works on ceramic bearings, this top quality grease is made to work with steel bearings too. A pro tip for those using Finish Line Ceramic Grease is to use is sparingly. The sheer strength on this grease is unbelievable so you can get away with far less. Plus, if you use too much, the thickness of this grease can really slow the bearing down.

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