Bike Check | Patrick Brady’s Bishop

Last Thursday night we were graced by the presence of Red Kite Prayer‘s editor/writer impresario, Patrick Brady. He came by to discuss his new book Why We Ride. For those familiar with Brady’s work, frequently found in better cycling publications, you already know all about the passion that Brady brings to his work. For those that are new to his writing, Patrick has that rare ability to articulate the ephemeral draw of cycling into prose that is deeply emotive, yet delightful… much like our beloved sport.


Portrait of the wordsmith known as Patrick Brady.

Meeting Patrick for the first time I was surprised to find him absolutely nothing like what I had expected. For some unknown reason I had made up an image of Brady as a serious, confident, yet professionally gregarious intellectual with a disciplined devotion to the sport of cycling at a level matched only by the holiest orders of ascetic monks. Instead I found a humble, self effacing, funny, gearhead that is in love with the sport of cycling in the way that a 17-year old boy is in love with that girl in his third period English class; he’s head over heels.

That love is evident in his writing, rekindling my own passion for the sport that has been waning as of late. After working in the bike industry for decades, it sometimes feels as if every new product has been made before, while the sport that was once my favorite thing in the world to be a part of, is now a job that I’m only willing to think about when I’m on the clock. Listening to Patrick speak brought me back to basics and reminded me why I ride. If I was as eloquent as Patrick I’d try to explain it now, but because I’m not, I’ll just have to get by using Patrick to give voice to the things I don’t know how to say. Thanks, Patrick.

Because those of you reading this didn’t get to be here to meet Patrick and because a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave you to revel in the 500 page novel that is his Bishop road bike. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bike that has exceeded the quality and workmanship found on this machine, and I’ve been to NAHBS. It’s that good. Because every custom bike is a joint expression of the individual that commissioned it and the builder that made it, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about Patrick Brady and Chris Bishop via interpretation. Patrick apologized for not washing his bike beforehand, but for me, the dirt made it even better.