Fast Bikes & Faster Women

My position as a buyer at Art’s Cyclery has lots of perks. However, like even the best jobs, it is possible to get caught in some version of a daily grind. Luckily, I recently had the joy of coming into contact with an undeniably positive female cyclist who had contacted me about a team kit that she wanted help tracking down.

Over the course of many emails I became drawn to her story as I learned how cycling had changed her life and dramatically improved her health. Her efforts that started with humble beginnings evolved into a complete lifestyle change. Now she is tackling century after century and completing Rapha Challenges on a regular basis. This is the kind of metamorphosis that many people idly watch while seated on their couches, wishing they could achieve what this woman has.

Cold weather doesn’t get these women down.

After learning about this incredible woman’s story, I was inspired. I knew from this day forward I wouldn’t be content simply working to search out cycling products for women. Something bigger and more important was calling! In a seemingly male dominated sport, this woman had the courage to ride! The cycling world is a hard place for women to see themselves, especially when watching clips of Le Tour de France sprinters with calves the size of our heads grunting it out at the finish line.

Yes. They are the size of your head.

Although difficult and intimidating, a few brave souls have begun the journey of making the cycling world more accessible for us. With the help of my new friend, I found that just by being a presence and a voice we are paving the way for more women to join us.

I am pleased to announce that we are creating a place for the female voice to be heard loud and clear here at Art’s Cyclery. For all you men out there that wish the females in your life would join you on the bike, get them reading and get them excited. This new series of blog posts are also for women who already have a relationship with cycling and desire to learn more about women’s-specific products and talk about new and exciting gear. We are dedicating ourselves to women’s-specific product reviews, mechanical advice, video product introductions, and hosting women’s rides. We are growing the space for women to succeed and look good while doing it.

For those of us at Art’s Cyclery, it’s not always about being better, fitter, faster, or stronger; it’s about enjoyment and transformation, which can encompass a more rewarding lifestyle as well. I would like to formally extend an invitation to all the ladies and men out there that have input, encouraging words, or general salutations. We want to hear from you and are excited about this new endeavor here at Art’s Cyclery.IMG_2965