Fresh Catch

Like what you see in our weekly Fresh Catch blog? Now you can do something about it! For 24 hours after this blog has been posted, you may purchase any of the items shown for 20% off! Just enter the promo code FRESH at checkout, and enjoy the latest and greatest gear available.

What’s hot? What’s now? What can’t you live without? If you haven’t picked up a light yet, these shoes will probably light your way home, and this jacket will match ’em no matter what kind of mood you’re in. This new tire is going to make you faster up the hill and around the corners, and, just in time for mud season, some beefy road-bike-on-the-dirt wheels.

Sidi’s new Wire Carbon shoe in fluo yellow or white will ensure that you set the pace for the next group ride. Just don’t lose the City Limit Sprint…

Sidi Carbon Wire Yellow Fluo Vernice

No hiding in the pack with the Sidi Wire Fluo Vernice shoes!

Need a good, comfortable Fall jacket to go with those kicks? The Pearl Izumi Elite Reverse jacket is attention-grabbing or soulfully-shadowy, depending on the goals of each ride.

Pearl Izumi Elite Reverse Jacket Yellow

It's fluorescent yellow...


Pearl Izumi Elite Reverse Jacket Black

...It's black!

Faster? More traction? Can it be true? Schwalbe’s Rocket Ron takes the inherently grippy 29’er carcass and endows it with faster rubber and grippier knobs.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron 29'er

"We can make him better, stronger, faster." The Rocket Ron goes bionic.

If you bunny-hop the barriers, or if you think a little bit of air time is the best way to smooth out the obstacles, then the Hed Ardennes FR CX wheelset is just what you need.

Hed Ardennes FR CX Wheelset

A strong, wide rim and a disc-compatible hub make up the Ardennes FR CX.

Remember, for 24 hours after this blog has been posted, you can get 20% off the above items by entering the promo code FRESH in your cart at checkout!