Fresh Catch

This week’s clutch of brand new, yet 20%-off gear (use code FRESH at checkout —good until 12:00 PM PST Wednesday, November 21) includes bright shoes (for faster feet), a slimmed and trimmed camera (for proof of your radness), some flowy aero cranks (more speed), and a Cervelo P5-specific top-tube bag (even more speed).

Can’t miss these kicks… The Giro Factor in Highlight Yellow/Black will match up perfectly with last week’s Giro Aeon of the same color.

Giro Factor Highlight Yellow:Black

Brighter colors are lighter, less dense, more aero, and thus, faster.

Did you really make that drop, clear that gap, or drop everyone on that climb? If you did, now you can prove it with the trimmed down and juiced up GoPro Hero3.

GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition

No one will believe you, unless there's proof.

OK, we don’t have any evidence that neon shoes will make you faster (although we firmly believe it to be true), but the Rotor Flow Aero cranks will, and that’s a fact.

Rotor Flow 30mm Crank

Tapered arms, solid spider, faster cranks.

If you are one of the lucky few to own a Cervelo P5, then you need the XLab Stealth Pocket 300 attached to your top-tube. It will also make you faster. Truth.

XLab Stealth Pocket 300

Faster, and more convenient. You can't lose!