Fresh Catch

As Tom Waits says “Step right up, step right up, Everyone’s a winner, bargains galore, That’s right, you too can be the proud owner, Of the quality goes in before the name goes on, Step right up…” Art’s Cyclery has some more smokin’ deals for you this week, including multiple points of contact, some glide for your ride, and a cage for your brain. Just enter the code FRESH at checkout for 20% off the featured items here. Discount is good until 12:00 PM PST, 1/11/13, on in-stock items only—no backorders.

Renthal has been making top-shelf moto components for decades, and their MTB products instantly climbed to the top of the heap upon their debut. We just received some Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grips, and highly recommend them. We’ll extend the Fresh Catch discount to all Renthal Grips.

Renthal Kevlar Lock-On Grip

Renthal's Kevlar Lock-On is one long-lasting grip

We’ve heard the mythical tales of a magical chain lube lasting for hundreds of miles per application, but could never find a source for the fabled nectar. Finally, the goods have been delivered; Chain-L is here. Try some for yourself and see how far you can go.

Chain-L chain lube

How far can you go with Chain-L lube?

Time makes some of our favorite MTB and road pedals, so we were happy to finally update to the new Time ATAC MX 6‘s, as should you.

Time ATAC MX 6 Pedal

The Time ATAC MX 6 Pedal is very similar to the X Roc S.

While KASK is not a new brand for us, our KASK vertigo helmet supply has recently been reinforced. Get one while you can, remember—no backorders!

Kask Vertigo Helmet

Will you win the Tour de France with a KASK Vertigo? It can only help!