Fresh Catch

Greetings, fellow cutting-edge-product-at-big-discount-fans! After last week’s Art’s Cyclery Sea Otter hootenany we are back at work bringing you the best gear at the best prices. This time we are offering up a sharp looking kit, a must-have tool, and a little something to make your rainy day indoor rides a little more enjoyable.

As always, the items in today’s Fresh Catch are on sale for 20% off; just enter the code FRESH at checkout. Discount is valid until 12:00 PM PST, 4/26/13, on in-stock items only… No back-orders.

Yes, you will look this good in the new Capo GS-13 kit, made up of the Capo GS-13 Jersey, and the Capo GS-13 Bib Short.

Capo GS-13 Bibs and Jersey Red

Wow... The Capo GS-13 Bibs and Jersey in red...

Capo GS-13 Bibs and Jersey Blue

...And in Blue.

Torque wrenches are a required item for the home bicycle mechanic these days. Carbon frames, stems, and handlebars, along with pivots and bearing preload fasteners all require precise torque values for proper function and to prevent damage. Pre-set wrenches are the way to go for most tasks—no setting torque, no need to set to zero after use, and they make you look like you really know what you are doing. All CDI pre-set torque wrenches at Art’s are included in the Fresh Catch 20% discount offer today.

CDI Preset Torque Wrench T-Handle 6 Nm

The color-coded CDI Preset Torque Wrench T-Handle 6 Nm.

Riding your trainer can be a drag, but it’s also a lifesaver. Let technology into this area of your life with the BiKASE iKase iPad Holder, which allows the attachment of an iPad to your handlebars for an indoor workout.

BiKASE iKase iPad Holder

BiKASE iKase iPad Holder.