Fresh Catch

It’s time to gear up for the Tour(s), folks. The Tour of California—stopping in our neighboring town of Avila Beach for the finish of Stage Five—the Tour de France, which will be nowhere near us but still just as exciting, and the tour around your local roads you embark upon everyday. This week Art’s Cyclery has the goods to ensure everyone will think you are a pro during or after a ride.

As always, the items in today’s Fresh Catch are on sale for 20% off; just enter the code FRESH at checkout, or mention it when you call. Discount is valid until 12:00 PM PST, 5/10/13, on in-stock items only… No back-orders.

Nothing says pro like a fresh pair of Oakleys, especially some Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses in Black Tour Edition.

Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses Black Tour Edition

Oakley’s Radarlock Path Tour Edition sunnies are TDF approved.

…Except maybe Oakley Radarlock XL Sunglasses in White Tour Edition.

Oakley Radarlock XL Sunglasses White Tour Edition

Of course, you could choose the Radarlock XL White Tour Edition also…

You know which polarizing, super-talented young man you’ll be sharing the Tour of California Sprint Jersey with, right?

Tour of California Sprint Jersey 2013

Will you and Peter Sagan have something in common by May 19th?

Nothing says cyclista like some official apres podium casual wear. Here are a couple super comfy offerings in the form of a BMC Men’s Casual Hoody Sweatshirt …

BMC Men's Casual Hoody Sweatshirt

“Hey, is that…?”

…or a 2013 Garmin Sharp Barracuda Hoodie.

Garmin Sharp Barracuda Hoodie 2013

“Yeah, I just know that’s…”